Values More or Less

What it does
Values more or less
is designed to help learners understand and use inequalities.

How to use it
Random selection is first opened, you see 20 points of a dotplot displayed at the top of the screen. An inequality is given below the plot. You are asked to 'click to red' the values of the dotplot which satisfy the inequality.

Choose from the first drop-down box whether to display the numbers as a dotplot or as a “list of values". For the dotplot, the aim is to identify those dots that have a value satisfying the inequality; you then must use the mouse to click these dots from blue to red. Then click “check" to see if you have identified the points correctly.

For the setting “list of values", the aim is to identify how many of the data values satisfy the inequality. Enter this number into the drop-down box and then click “check" to see if you are correct.

In both cases, if you are correct, the score will be updated and displayed accordingly. If you are not correct, keep trying and clicking “check" until “correct" is displayed. However, this will not affect the score (only the first press of “check" counts towards the score).

The second setting up the top of the screen is for a 'single inequality' or a 'double inequality'.

Clicking on the “new values" button creates a new set of 20 values and a new inequality.

Clicking on the “start again" button resets the score to 0.

Screenshot of Values More or Less

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Values more or less.