Tuckshop subtraction lite

What it does
Tuckshop subtraction lite
is a simplified version of the Tuckshop applet. In the 'lite' version, all three levels (1, 2 and 3) are presented at level 3. To toggle between the 'image' and the 'symbol' views, click the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

This applet is designed to help learners understand various aspects of subtraction, including a key concept that is fundamental to an understanding of subtraction -

Decomposition can be understood as follows:
Suppose you have two unopened tubes of sweets (each containing 10 sweets) and three more sweets, making 23 sweets in all.
Let's say that you wish to give 5 sweets to a friend. You will need to 'decompose' one of the tubes, making 1 tube and 13 singles.
You can now give the 5 sweets to your friend, leaving you with 1 tube and 8 singles - i.e. 18 sweets.

Tuckshop subtraction lite applet builds on these ideas in the context of selling 'chews' in a sweetshop.

How to use it
In this applet, the 'shop' can stock up to 2999 chews. The customer can request up to 99 chews.

A box (of 1000 chews) can be unpacked into 10 trays by clicking in the boxes in area and then clicking in the trays area. In a similar way, a tray (of 100 chews) can be unpacked into 10 tubes, and a tube can be unpacked into 10 chews.

If, for example, 324 chews are requested, click in the trays area three times and then click in the shopping basket. The 3 selected trays will be moved to the basket. In a similar way, the 2 tubes and 4 singles are moved to the basket, just as for the previous level. Unpacking may be needed to facilitate this.

If there are not initially 4 chews in the singles area, unpack a tube (of 10 chews) by clicking in the tubes area and then clicking in the singles area.

If there are not enough chews in the shop to meet the request, the “restock" button appears. Click this button to restock the shop.

When the requested number of chews is in the basket, the “next" button appears. Click on this button to send the trolley on its way and bring in the next customer.

At any time, you can click on the icon on the top right of the screen to see the same problem displayed in 'symbol' view.

Screenshot of Tuckshop subtraction lite

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