Paint my spots

What it does
Paint my spots
is one of a pair of applets based on counting the number of spots on a ladybird. This applet should be used in conjunction with its sister applet, Paint my spots. Both applets are designed to support counting skills – Paint my spots focuses on the pre-counting stage.

How to use it
Paint my spots is first opened, a randomly-chosen number of white spots are displayed on the ladybird's wings. Clicking on a spot changes its colour from white to black or from black to white. The aim is to 'paint' all the spots black. The number currently painted black is displayed in the blue box. When all the spots are black, a blue star appears and the ladybird's eyes enlarge and change colour.

To adjust the level of difficulty, change the setting (in the range 2 to 20) in the 'maximum number of spots' box at the bottom.

Screenshot of Paint my spots

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Watch a movie showing this applet in action:
Paint my Spots

Run the applet
Paint my spots.