Number conversion

What it does
Number conversion
is designed to help learners convert numbers between the two formats: conventional and scientific notation.

How to use it
Number conversion is first opened, the setting from the top drop-down menu is 'from conventional to scientific'. Click 'next' and a number in conventional notation is shown in blue in the on-screen box. Clicking on the '<' or '>' arrows will alter the notation either towards or away from the scientific notation format. When the number is adjusted so that it satisfies the conditions for scientific notation (i.e. it must be in the form A EB, where the number A lies between 1 and 10 and the number B is an integer), it is displayed in red in the on-screen box.

Click 'next' to see another number in conventional notation, ready for conversion to scientific notation.

Using the drop-down box at the top, reset the applet to convert numbers 'from scientific to conventional' notation. Follow a similar procedure to before using the '<' or '>' arrows. When the values of A and B are adjusted so that B=0, the value A gives the number in correct conventional format. At this point the number A is displayed in blue in the on-screen box.

Click 'next' to see another number in scientific notation, ready for conversion to conventional notation.

Screenshot of Number conversion

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Number Conversion

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Number conversion