What it does
Nim is an ancient two-player game that can take several different forms. Its name is thought to derive from the German word 'nehmen' to take. Players take turns to remove discs from four boxes and the winner is the player who takes the last disc (in the 'misere' version of Nim it is the loser who takes the last disc).
How to use it
* Use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen to choose whether to play against the computer or against another (human) player. Then use the second drop-down menu to decide whether the player removing the last disc wins or loses.
* Decide which player is to play first: this is Player Red.
* To remove, say, 3 discs from a particular box, Player Red clicks that box three times and then clicks 'completed'. All remaining discs now turn blue showing that it is Player Blue's turn.
* Players take turns removing discs. If Player Red is playing against the computer, the computer's move is made by clicking 'computer's turn'.

The winner is the one who takes the last disc.

Screenshot of Nim

Playing against the computer

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Nim: watch a short movie showing this applet in action.

Binary numbers: a short movie explaining binary numbers.
Win at Nim: an explanation of the Nim winning strategy (based on binary numbers).

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