Long Multiplication

What it does
Long Multiplication
provides a supported environment for understanding long multiplication and letting you practice doing it as often as you need.

How to use it
When Long Multiplication is opened, you are shown a calculation of two 2-digit numbers, a set of boxes for filling in the numbers and a keypad for entering the numbers into the boxes.

Note that the applet doesn't do the calculations but will accept any numbers you choose to enter. When the final answer is correct, it will turn blue.

Click 'clear' to clear the boxes and redo the same calculation, or 'clear' on the keypad to re-enter a number. Click 'next' to be shown a new calculation.

PC/Mac layout difference
Note that there are slight differences in the layout of the keypad (on the right of the screen) between PC and Mac computers but the functionality is exactly the same for both. The screenshot shown here is how it looks on a Mac.

Watch a movie showing this applet in action:

Long Multiplication

Run the applet
Long Multiplication.

Screenshot of Long Multiplication

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