Guess the angle

What it does
Guess the angle is designed to help learners improve their skills in angle estimation. This applet should be used together with its sister applet, Constructing Angles.

How to use it
Guess the angle is first opened, a randomly-chosen angle is displayed for the user to guess. Its value, in degrees, is some multiple of 10 between 0 and 90 (for example 70º, 40º, etc.. Suppose the learner’s guess for the angle opposite is 60 degrees; they enter 60 using the on-screen number pad.

The applet provides feedback on the initial guess and, if necessary, the user can try again repeatedly.

The drop-down menus allow you to adjust the degree of difficulty, by resetting :
• the size of angle to be guessed;
• the required accuracy

Screenshot of Guess the angle

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Watch a movie showing this applet in action:

Run the applet Guessing Angles