Fractions percentages and decimals

What it does
Fractions percentages and decimals
is designed to help learners explore the relationship between fractions, percentages and decimals.

How to use it
Fractions percentages and decimals is first opened, Select from the drop-down menu at the top aid and monitor for the fraction, choosing a number in the range 1 to 100.

Move the slider at the bottom of the window and each of the possible fractions with the given denominator can be created. For example, if the denominator is 10, each of the fractions 0/10, 1/10 up to 10/10 can be created.

As each fraction is created, the equivalent values both as a percentage and as a decimal are computed and displayed.

As well as moving the slider, the numerator of the fraction can have its value i adjusted by one by clicking on the XX and YY buttons at the bottom.

At any time, a new value for the denominator of the fraction can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of Fractions %ages and decimals

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Fractions percentages and decimals