Hundred Square - freeplay

What it does
Hundred Square - freeplay
is one of a pair of applets based on displaying red disks on a hundred square. It can be used in a free play manner to explore number patterns. This applet can has some similar features to its sister applet, Hundred Square - controlled.

How to use it
Hundred Square - free play is first opened, a blank 10x10 hundred square grid is displayed. At the bottom of the screen is a drop-down box for entering numbers. Enter any number (between 1 and 100), say 23, to see 23 disks displayed in the hundred square.

Disks can also be displayed one at a time by clicking on a square. Click on a blank square to display a new disk. Click on any disk to remove it. The current number of disks displayed (now) is shown in red at the bottom of the screen.

To clear all the disks, enter zero in the drop-down box.

Screenshot of 100 square - free play

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Run the applet 100 square - freeplay