Mathematics in Pictures

Numbers In Pictures - Alan Graham & Roger Duke
The authors of Maths Applets (Alan Graham and Roger Duke) have written an exciting series of short books for the iPad called Mathematics in Pictures.

The electronic books in this 9-book series are aimed particularly at parents, teachers and classroom assistants of children in the under 11 age range.

Book 1: Numbers in Pictures
Book 2: Subtraction and Addition in Pictures
Book 3: Multiplication and Division in Pictures
Book 4: Fractions, %ages and Decimals in Pictures
Book 5: The Calculator in Pictures
Book 6: Algebra in Pictures
Book 7: Statistics in Pictures
Book 8: Geometry in Pictures
Book 9: Solving Problems in Pictures
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Numbers In Pictures - Alan Graham & Roger Duke

From Book 1, Numbers in Pictures

Why 81 is known as a square number.

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These 81 discs can be arranged in a square pattern, is why 81 is referred to as a SQUARE number.

This image is based on the 100 square and was created using the following applet, which can be found on this site:
100 square - controlled