Matchbox algebra with tools Level 1

For this option, you are given ten problems, each of which is a simple matchbox equation. The aim is to use the tools to deduce the number of matches in the box.

Note that for each problem, there are an equal number of matches on either side of the equals sign. Enter your answer in the “answer" drop-down menu. If you are correct, the box opens to show the matches.

At any time you can:
–add or subtract matches or boxes to or from both sides of the equation, or
–divide each term in the equation by an integer, provided that integer is a common factor of each term, or
–move to the next or previous problem, or
–repeat the current problem by clicking on the problem number button, or
–hide the tools for manipulating the equation by clicking on the selector box immediately above the current one (on the right of the screen), or
–display the equation in traditional mathematical notation by clicking on the selector box below the current one, or
–move to another level by clicking on any other selector box.

Screenshot of Matchbox algebra with tools, Level 1
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