Fraction Kit

What it does
Fraction Kit
is a substantial applet that operates on seven different levels, starting with creating your own set of fractions. Using this personal fraction kit, you are taken through a series of tasks including adding and comparing fractions. A key feature of the applet is that you are able to toggle between pictures of a fraction (slices of a pie) and the conventional fraction notation (two numbers separated by a quotient line).

How to use it
Fraction Kit is first opened, you are invited to create your own fraction kit. Once this kit has been created, you have access to the other six levels.

The seven levels are explained below:

Screenshot of Fraction Kit

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Create your own fraction kit

Fit one fraction into another

Add any two of the fractions

Add fractions using traditional notation

Add multiples of fractions

Compare fractions

Create and compare (fractions playground)

There are four movies associated with this applet:

FRaction Kit A

Fraction Kit B

Fraction Kit C

Fraction Kit D

Run the applet Fraction Kit