Count my spots

What it does
Count my spots
is one of a pair of applets based on counting the number of spots on a ladybird. This applet should be used in conjunction with its sister applet, Paint my spots. Both applets are designed to support counting skills – Paint my spots focuses on the pre-counting stage.

How to use it
Count my spots is first opened, a ladybird is displayed showing a randomly-chosen number of black spots on its wings. Count the spots and enter this number in the 'how many spots?' box on the left. If this number is correct, a blue star appears, and the ladybird's eyes enlarge and change colour; otherwise 'NO: TRY AGAIN' is displayed.

To adjust the level of difficulty, change the setting (in the range 2 to 20) in the 'maximum number of spots' box at the bottom.

Screenshot of Count my spots

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Watch a movie showing this applet in action:
Count my spots

Run the applet Count my spots.