Construct the angle

What it does
Construct the angle
is designed to help learners improve their skills in angle estimation. This applet should be used together with its sister applet, Guess the angle.

How to use it
Construct the angle is first opened, a randomly-chosen angle is displayed, in degrees, at the gtop of the screen. The aim is to try to construct this angle, by clicking and dragging on the knob in the slider at the bottom of the window. Click 'check' to see the value, in degrees, of the angle you have actually constructed. If you constructed the angle correctly, it turns blue, otherwise try again.

For finer adjustments 1º at a time, click on the '>' or '<' buttons

The drop-down menus allow you to adjust the degree of difficulty, by resetting the size of angle to be guessed.

Screenshot of Construct the angle

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Watch a movie showing this applet in action:
Construct the angle

Run the applet Construct the angle.